Socially Aware Moderate Static

The Socially Aware Moderate Static Investment Option invests in a combination of U.S. equity, non-U.S. equity, fixed income, non-U.S. fixed income, and cash investments in order to seek long-term growth with the potential to earn income. This portfolio has a target allocation of 20% U.S. Equity, 16% Non-U.S. Equity, 57% U.S. Fixed Income, 6% Non-U.S. Fixed Income, and 1% Cash.

Underlying Investments

  • iShares Core US Aggregate Bond ETF 43%
  • iShares ESG MSCI USA ETF 18%
  • Vanguard Short-Term Bond ETF 14%
  • iShares ESG MSCI EAFE ETF 11%
  • iShares ESG MSCI EM ETF 5%
  • VanEck Vectors JP Morgan EM LC Bd ETF 4%
  • Nuveen ESG Small-Cap ETF 2%
  • Vanguard Total International Bond ETF 2%
  • Goldman Sachs Financial Square Government Money Market 1%

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