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The Bloomwell 529 Education Savings Plan offers a broad, diverse set of quality investment options, so you can pick the direction that works best for your unique situation.

The Bloomwell plan caters to every type of investor — from hands-on savers to set-it-and-forget-it parents.

Bloomwell provides three categories of investment options giving you multiple routes to choose from: Age-Based, Static, and Individual Fund Investment Options. Many investors prefer the simplicity of professionally managed Age-Based Investment Options that automatically adjust as the beneficiary gets closer to college age. Investors who prefer a more active approach might favor the Static and Individual Fund Investment Options. Within each path, you can customize your account to your own investing style, whether its conservative, moderate, or aggressive.

Investing Simplified: Age-Based Investment Options

Choose from two options – Core or Socially Aware. Then our professional investment managers will select the underlying investments and the mix of asset classes. As the beneficiary gets older, the portfolio will shift to become more conservative.

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Stay the Course: Static Investment Options

The Plan also offers Core and Socially Aware Static Investment Options. With a fixed allocation to underlying investments through your account’s duration, these options offer their own kind of simplicity. Choose between All Equity, Aggressive, Growth, Balanced, Moderate, Conservative or Bank Savings investment options.

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Build Your Own Portfolio: Individual Fund Options

The Bloomwell 529 Education Savings Plan offers 17 Individual Fund Investment Options from well-respected investment companies.

These investments are actively and passively managed and cover a range of asset classes (including U.S. equity, real estate, non-U.S. equity, fixed income, and money market) from quality fund companies including Vanguard, State Street, DFA, T. Rowe Price, and others.

Account owners do not own shares of the underlying investments, but rather own an interest in the Individual Fund Investment Option offered by the Bloomwell plan.

The performance of each Individual Fund Investment Option may be more volatile than Age-Based or Static Investment Options.

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Bloomwell 529 Fund Family

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State Street Global Advisors
MetWest Funds - TCW Family of Funds

Plus three additional quality fund families.

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