How to grow your savings.

Every dollar counts.

Saving just $20 a month can make a difference by helping your future student cover some of the cost of college and reduce future student loan debt.

Recurring contributions are an easy way to save. You can set up contributions from your paycheck or directly from your personal bank account.

Early investing in a college savings plan can have many long-term benefits. No matter what amount you start with, recurring contributions and earnings compound over time. As you save, your contributions and the earnings on past contributions can increase from market action. The sooner you start saving, the more time your savings has to grow.

Maximize your investment.

You have options to set up your Bloomwell 529 Education Savings Plan account in a way that works best for you.

  • Automatic Investing Plan

    Choose to have a set amount added to your account at whatever frequency you want. That may be every week, every month, or once a year. An automatic investing plan gives you peace of mind, knowing you don’t have to mail a check each month. The funds can come directly out of your bank account, simplifying your savings process.

  • One-Time Deposits

    Contribute on your schedule and your comfort level with individual deposits. You can make these contributions as often as you like. If your child receives birthday money or holiday cash, consider depositing these gifts into your Bloomwell account.

  • Roll Over

    Roll funds from another 529 plan into your Bloomwell account to keep all your funds in one place. Taxpayers in some states can earn a state income tax deduction when rolling over funds into their account.1

  • Payroll Direct Deposit

    Choose to have your contribution taken straight from your paycheck each pay period. Check with your employer for availability.

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